Thursday, August 10, 2017

1E Wilderness Encounters 3.0


To follow on the heels of the recently posted 1E Random Wilderness Caves PDF, I've updated the 1E Wilderness Encounter document to version 3.0.Subtle changes include:

Added a few more items like Dens, Waterfalls, Hamlets, Villages and Thorpes to various tables.
Added a new entry for Cave Complex, Den and Grotto in the appendix.
Added "See Random Wilderness Caves" to Caves (Complex, Narrow, Shallow), Den and Grotto

Largest changes:
Re-formatted from landscape to portrait view (for easier printing and viewing at table).
Document size dropped from 15 to 14 pages.

A couple images follow:

A new Dropbox link is available in the Downloads section, and below: 


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