Thursday, August 4, 2016

Isolde-Delta and the Coins of the Realm - Copper

Rarely do I revisit previous posts, but I found another missing page from my Isolde-Delta history, which gives me missing details on the coins of the realms. That info originally appeared in the non-traditional sandbox design series of articles:

27 March, 1978: 

Isolde-Delta Coins History 

When Isolde-Delta received the official deed of crenellation, two writs were sent throughout the realm. The first detailed the official decree, (found on the official Isolde-Delta map):
The second writ asked each settlement from the smallest fife to the largest city to decide upon a symbol and slogan that best represented them. Once a choice had been made, they were asked to petition an artist whom would create the design professionally. Each symbol would then be voted upon via Land Census at the end of that year, and the best designs would then be minted and represent the five coins of the realms. They were: 

Copper - Lotus - The Church of the White Lotus (Monks) 
Silver - Axe - The Valley Dwarves of Isolde 
Gold - Shield/Sword - The Church of Sorakis (Haven) 
Platinum - Crown - Selvarus One-Eye (Court Jester to Lord Prothall) 
Mithril - Ore - Jorel Lightbottom and Elisea Lan'orel (Dwarf/Elf) 

A grove of trees was chosen as the symbol of the realm, and would be included on the back of each minted coin. The ancient language of Latin, created in Harnic runes would be used for the slogan that would adorn each piece.

Copper Lotus
The monks of the realms during an enclave, voted unanimously that the Church of the White Lotus should represent their vested interest. They chose the Lotus flower because it represents the simple man in Isolde, his journey through life and the balance one must achieve with the realm of Nature. The phrase is one of the three guiding axioms of the faith, Harmony and Peace with Nature (Consensio quod Pacis per Vis).  Presented below is the Copper Lotus:Cheers,

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