Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Not Dead Yet...

Yes fellow bloggers/readers, the reports of my unfortunate demise at the hands of The Bloated One have been greatly exaggerated. Although I do have a contract out on Lycosis' daughter, for her unscrupulous duping of my assistant cartographer, one Hannibal Hornblower.

Shalon, the aforementioned daughter, gave Hannibal a small chest as payment for his work on her dungeon (coming soon to this very blog). Turns out the chest had multiple complex locks and traps and Mister Hornblower, in his infinite wisdom, spent the portly sum of 1800 gp to remove the traps and arcane snares. Once unlocked, the dwarf popped the chest open - only to release her most daring trap - a miniature mimic.

Needless to say when Hannibal showed up for work last week, with said mimic - imagine a crab, complete with over-sized pincers - attached to his nose and right ear, I nearly died laughing. After regaining my composure, and telling Hannibal to please refrain from speaking due to his sounding like a seal on helium, we set about finding some equally unscrupulous miscreants to return the favor ten-fold.

Stay tuned...

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