Saturday, July 6, 2013

Modular Dungeon - Finished Outpost

19 December, 1978:

In my original notes from December of '78 I wrote:

"This outpost is approximately 50' tall and includes wooden stairs, crenelations, and arrow slots and doors near the top. It sets near a cliff edge, protected by water on the front and a sheer drop of some 33 feet to the back. The main entrance is protected by a drawbridge and includes a wheel mechanism to raise and lower it and a dungeon entrance is located in the basement, running off into the nearby foothills.".

Wheel Mechanism for the drawbridge with rope leading outside:
Stair/Railing, and arrow slot/door detail:
 Finished model with early afternoon shadows in place:
 Another view:
 Cutaway of the 6 level Outpost:

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