Saturday, June 8, 2013

Modular Dungeon Icons or "What the hell happened to Classic Blue?"


For the past few weeks, in between working on the Forge of Moradin (seen below), I've been slowly building a library of objects in Sketchup for use as Dungeon artifacts. The premise for this comes from my desire to push the envelope in mapping "The Castle of The Bloated One" in both traditional top down and perspective views.

My vision was to take the same Classical Blue Icons from the 1970's (shown below, in part) and update them:
I started with doors, focusing on 2 main types, wood and stone. Figuring at some point I could add more types if the need arose.

Prison (with Skeleton Keyhole)
Wooden (with pull ring)

More objects quickly followed:

The Chest and Winch up close:

More to come,

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