Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Castle of the Bloated One - Motte & Bailey Tower

August 25, 1977 Original Concept

The Motte & Bailey Tower at Vargas was originally designed as a storehouse of information, predating Crestfallen Library by some 400 years. In it's day, travelers came to seek the council of the sage - Miros Chanel, and spend time searching the large (for it's time) 800 book collection.

Miros designed the layout based on an early M&B South of Yggsburgh, adding in a few surprises and secrets of his own. The sub-level gave direct access to the dungeons, and another large collection of books, although the proper magic to open the doorway has long since been forgotten.

Presented below is the M&B Tower complex, with levels and furnishings:


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