Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1E Wilderness Encounters with Random Terrain Features


For some time I've been trying to create a set of Wilderness Encounter Tables that were broken down by the various Terrain Types that are found in my world. But I wasn't satisfied with just monsters because my campaign has been designed using an early 1977 Micro-Sandbox Concept i.e., building outward from a single starting point of interest - in this case the Bloated Blowfish Tavern. Because of that I wanted tables that would be dual purpose, namely:

A) Used to help fill out the world as the players adventured using both Monster and Random Terrain features.

B) Used to inspire me to create points of interest as I expand the world, because lets face it, any DM who creates a world wants to enjoy the journey as much as his players - or, in my case, even more.

They don't have every single possible Terrain feature, but serve as a basis to help.

Sadly though, I struggled for some time to quantify features the tables might refer to like Ruin, Giant Tree, Coral Reef, Swamp Lights etc., and more importantly how best to reference sub-tables properly. Then while browsing the 3W, I stumbled across this post over at Enworld:


So I grabbed the content and edited the information to fit my 1E game, and finished by adding in a few new tables/items that fit my campaign and called it done. Included below is a bit of information with screenshots of the finished [1E] Wilderness Pdf:

Page 1 includes a Frequency and Encounter table broken down by 1D8+1D12 and D100. I included this for my own reference, but also in case a fellow DM needed a handy reference for their own table design.

The bottom of Page 1 includes a chart with the 12 Wilderness Encounter tables. This also includes information on what each table includes:

The next 4 pages are the charts themselves, herein are tables 9 through 12:

The last 5 pages include all the sub-tables (where applicable), that detail the "special" types of terrain features. Included herein is the Ruins section:

Lastly, I've uploaded the pdf to my Dropbox account for your use.

1E Random Wilderness Encounters


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