Monday, October 18, 2010

Project X: Part 10


Version 1.1.3
Milieu Simulations
Status: Inactive

WeatherMaster reigns as the king of Weather generating software for campaigns because it can be as detailed or as simple as you like. Say you need a detailed month, day and moon cycles, and a spot on your own world map where the players are located (longitude/latitude). Then create weather specifically for them? or, maybe you want a detailed/Automatic creation of complex weather events so you can fill in a on-the-fly outdoor encounter? or just need a temperature for Mid-Summer? On all accounts Wm delivers. Included is a list of what it can do:

·Event-based, not day-based weather
·Batch weather creation
·Database storage
·Create weather for any number of worlds
·Built-in game log for recording the action
·Print/Export Reports
·Support for Customized Worlds
·Custom Calendars - ·Track Phases of Multiple Moons·Custom Climates
·Custom Storms·Wrath of God Wizard·
·Horizon Finder
·Wind Speed and Direction
·Precipitation Accumulation
·Wind Chill and Heat Index
·Atmospheric Visibility
·Cloud Ceiling and Cloud Layer Thickness
·Altitude Affects Temperature
·Support for both Metric and English Measurements
·Hour-by-Hour Temperature Updates
·Terrain Effects on Weather

I can't give a higher rating for this product as its as near to perfect for what it does as any software I've ever used. Get it, use it, love it.


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