Monday, September 13, 2010

Project X: Part 4

Continuing Part 4 of Project X:

Game Master's Mystical Mind
Version 1.1.0
Andrew Rodes
Status: Inactive

One of the older software packages written for Windows 3.1. GMMM is a solid entry in the GM's arsenal, with enough goodness to satisfy any 1st Edition player. The solid spell book designer for each player character is a massive boon, then add in the ability to pull up any spell (with descriptions) and complete monster stats. One of the unique features is the combat system allows you to quickly do damage (with complimentary sound effects), set terrain, and even track time. Throw in a simple Dice Roller, and the ability to add new players, spells and monsters and GMMM is a very well thought out program.

NOTE: You may have some issues finding this program, but if your interested in it, I may be able to track down a copy for you.

Overall, the literal "spell book feature" is worth the price (freeware), and this is a tool I can see using for old school gaming goodness.


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